Sustainable Construction

Sustainable building is not a fad; it's a culture that the construction industry has fully embraced. Planning and implementing construction projects with an eye toward protecting the environment, minimizing waste, and efficiently using the most ecologically-friendly materials possible best serves the building occupants and the surrounding community.

These responsible, environmentally-conscious building practices have been "business as usual" at Blum Construction for years. As the first contractor in the Triad to adopt the LEED® rating system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council, Blum has planned and constructed dozens of sustainable projects across North Carolina and Virginia.

LEED® guidelines continue to evolve as new products and techniques are developed, and the bar for earning credits to gain building certification is raised. Blum monitors these changes and supports continuing education that ensures our project and field management personnel can provide the best counsel to our customers. In fact, we have helped several owners work with their local building inspections departments to achieve the first LEED® certified projects in their areas.

Blum shines in pre-planning any building project. We oversee the flow of information regarding the sustainable elements of a building to guarantee the subcontractors and vendors are knowledgeable about the owner's sustainability goals and have submitted appropriate pricing. Meanwhile, we assist owners in understanding the cost-to-value relationship of potential sustainable building elements and serve as the owner's advocate in that decision-making process.

During construction, Blum strictly manages Indoor Air Quality Plans, which are developed to effectively control moisture, dust and other pollutants that might compromise the quality of the environment for the end users of the spaces. The best-in-class tracking and project controls developed through our Building Performance Consulting helps ensure that each project is commissioned and completed to the desired standards on time and on budget.

Sustainable Construction
Students monitor utility consumption at Wake Forest University