Virtual Construction

Virtual construction is a valuable tool that benefits everyone involved in the building process and it equips Blum Construction to be the trusted advisor that owners and designers need. While the narrow goal of Building Information Modeling (BIM) is to virtually construct a building with computer software before it is constructed in the field, the benefits of this new technology are immense.

For the owner, this level of detailed coordination increases knowledge of how various conditions and specific changes can impact the quality, length of construction, and ultimate cost of a project. A responsive 3-D model highlights items for discussion and helps owners better understand the consequences of decisions before they are made. The model also assists in visualizing finished conditions so end users can evaluate the functionality of spaces.

For the designer, it is an evolving model that can identify conflicts and consequences while options and questions are being evaluated. This tool becomes a valuable collection of reference data from initial planning and design requests, to building systems requirements, to final selections of finishes.

For the contractor, early coordination of different systems with instant identification of potential issues allows for design modifications, material selection changes or scheduling adjustments before the issues have impacted the successful execution of the project. In addition, increased communication with clients enhances working relationships, and real-time documentation of changes creates superior “as built” drawings for future reference and use in ongoing building maintenance.

In effect, 3-D computer models allow an owner, designer, and contractor to thoroughly understand a building’s many elements, how they fit the needs of the structure, and how they work together to increase functionality for the end users.

Virtual Construction