Why Frank L. Blum Construction?

The people who are Frank L. Blum Construction Company believe that
our company exists to:

  • Serve Our Customers
  • Build Structures That Transform Our Communities
  • Develop Great Employees

A common understanding of why we exist creates a unique and special company. A company that thinks, acts and communicates around this set of common beliefs:

We Serve Our Customers

We never waiver on service. We aspire to “true customer service” that sets us apart. We regularly solicit feedback and ask our customers, design and subcontracting partners “will you have us back and will you recommend us to others.” We measure those results through the Net Promoter Score, and we are committed to achieving not only best in class scores for the construction industry, but best in class scores for any industry.

We Build Structures That Transform Our Communities

We want to know that our work matters. We serve as part of collaborative teams that help to create spaces that transform, serve and impact the communities, organizations and individuals that we build for, and with. That includes the people and communities that ultimately use those structures, as well as, the other members of the collaborative teams that own, design and help us build those structures.

We Develop Great Employees

We love what we do and we aspire to “be the best in the world” at it. We do this by developing people who want that for themselves and their coworkers. We expect a high level of achievement and work toward that every day by never bending on our core values, by doing things right, being direct and honest, promoting teamwork, speaking up and voicing concerns, learning, questioning, listening, understanding and making lives better, both inside and outside of Blum Construction. In short, we care – A LOT – about the work we do and the people who are Blum Construction.