Blum University

Blum Construction's Core Value and Lifelong Learning led to the establishment of Blum University. Here, classes on topics ranging from construction lessons  learned to people and project management techniques to safety policies are taught by Blum employees and outside experts.


Blum Construction Classes



Blum Construction Classes

Blum hosts regularly-scheduled classes to capture knowledge for the benefit of all employees. In addition, the company offers lunch-and-learns and monthly field manager meetings to increase access to profession al training opportunities. This effort increases the probability of successful building projects and satisfied customers. Those who complete a prescribed number of training hours each year benefit from a corresponding increase in annual incentive pay. This company support for professional development and each employee's innate devotion to providing an exceptional building experience to every customer are reasons that Blum is one of the most trusted builders in North Carolina.

Blum University averages about 50 training classes per year on three basic tracks:

  • Technical skills
  • Leadership abilities
  • Salesmanship competencies


Blum Builds Hope

Blum Construction has always been excited to play an active role in contributing to the welfare of our surrounding communities. We know that a healthy, vibrant society depends on caring people who are dedicated to making life better for everyone. Compassionate individuals working together make our communities great places to live, work and play.

As part of Blum Construction's 90th Anniversary commemoration, the company introduced an official community involvement effort called Blum Builds Hope, specifically the 900 for 90 Initiative. This program inspires, and supports, Blum employees to donate a total of 900 hours of volunteer service to non-profit organizations in the communities in which we work each year. Blum Construction encourages each person to complete at least eight hours of volunteer activity for one or more nonprofit organizations during work days throughout the year. In addition, employee involvement is celebrated throughout the company to recognize those who both participate in, and inspire others to join, the Blum Builds Hope effort.

A growing list of non-profit organizations is frequently updated with new and exciting projects and activities that improve lives across the communities we serve. Blum employees can enthusiastically volunteer for a variety of efforts because of their company's support.

At Blum Construction, all of our employees can take the time to build hope.

Click here to download volunteer approval form


Blum Store

Blum Construction strives to achieve a unified and professional representation of our staff to others and one way to accomplish this goal is by providing and offering company apparel. New employees are outfitted with an ample supply of aparrel at the onset of employment. Additional apparel is offered to all employees and obtainable through our apparel portal.  


You may access the apparel portal by logging on to You will need your user name and password, which can be obtained from Pam Vandyke, Senior Human Resources Generalist. 

You may have some Blum Cash available in your account, so be sure to click “allowance” as your payment method. If there is an outstanding balance you may choose to use payroll deduction or pay with a debit or credit card. The site is user friendly and a great way to always look your best at work.  


Orders are shipped on the 20th of each month and are usually received in approximately two weeks. Please do not hesitate to contact our Human Resources Department with any questions or issues you may have. Any helpful suggestions are always welcome, as well.