Taking Safety to Heart

 At Blum, we have an uncompromising commitment to working safely … every day … on every project. We believe the most effective way for a culture of safety to permeate through every person, on every job site, is to instill in every worker on our job sites that we are all members of the Blum extended family, whether employed by Blum or not. The most important thing we can do as family members is to ensure that everyone goes home to their loved ones safely at the end of every day. We take care of our family so you can return to yours. We exist on the core belief that the difference is our people and we are dedicated to protecting our people on our job sites to ensure that they make it home safely.

In the same way we make our construction process personal, we believe that safety goes beyond meeting requirements – we believe that safety is personal. Blum’s safety program exists to give safety a face, the face of your loved ones. We are shifting the focus from checking a box to working intentionally for a greater good, for the good of those who depend on you to get back home each day.

We designed our safety program to anticipate the challenges associated with the pace of work and communication that could potentially impact proper safety performance. These areas require specific planning and engineering to provide technical solutions on site. Through these targeted efforts, we are creating a workforce that is aware and dedicated to protecting the larger Blum family.

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