COVID-19 Blum Update

February 3, 2021

Dear Blum Associates, Clients, and Partners:

We continue to monitor COVID-19 and its impact on our communities. These unprecedented times have caused us to take additional measures to 1) adapt the way we do business to benefit our community, 2) keep our team members healthy, and 3) keep business operations going so that workers can have financial stability in these uncertain times. To-date, with the help of the entire Blum team, these three important things have co-existed and we will continue to make modifications when required with our top priority being keeping everyone healthy and safe.

To Our Clients:   

  • We will continue to serve you at the highest level, while respecting the many difficult corporate decisions you are forced to make. We will remain flexible, responsive, and nimble during these times.
  • We will remain proactive and communicative, but also be respectful of the fact that construction may not be the top priority for you at the current time.
  • We have put in place additional job access requirements for all our project sites, involving thorough questionnaires for all jobsite workers on restricted travel, gatherings, active exposure, and symptoms. We have also implemented temperature screenings and self-assessment tools for all personnel.
  • We have increased handwashing stations and cleaning regimens.
  • We have instructed personnel to work remotely and limit time on project sites and in offices whenever possible.  
  • To maintain normalcy on worksites, we are conducting open-air meetings and utilizing other distancing techniques. Many of our projects are open spaces so effective workflow and planning allow us to distance workers.  
  • Rest assured that we have competent construction specialists on your work sites working on your behalf.

To Our Design Partners, Municipalities, and Government Bodies:   

  • Thank you for your flexibility to-date – you all are essential partners in the construction process.
  • We will continue to utilize web-based inspections and reviews to limit in-person visits.
  • During the required in-person visits, we will practice the appropriate social distancing.

To Our Trade Partners and Vendors:    

  • We recognize that much of the construction industry is fueled by hourly employees. We are working diligently to ensure projects have continuous workflow while maintaining safety for everyone.   
  • Educating all your associates is imperative to make sure we can maintain healthy and active jobsites.
  • Be flexible, be nimble, be responsive and communicate. We stand ready to assist you in navigating the uncertainty that is in front of us all.
  • If you or someone from your project team is diagnosed with COVID-19, we ask that you contact us immediately so that we can take the proper precautions. 

If you or a member of your project team are diagnosed with or have come in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19, please send an e-mail to,, so that we can take immediate necessary precautions for our employees and personnel. We will continue to monitor updates from the Center for Disease Control, World Health Organization, and Federal, State, or Local governments and adapt accordingly. We commit to being safe, being smart, and doing our part to “flatten the curve.” Rest assured, we will continue to work to put us all in place to be successful together when the fog clears.

Mike Lancaster
President & CEO

COVID-19 Blum Update

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