The ways we go above and beyond on our worksites:

May 12, 2020

1. Be a responsible party

Each project has an Infection Prevention Officer that conducts daily inspections to ensure the project site is executing the mandated requirements and acts as a resource to job site supervision concerning best practices.  

2. Site-Specific Plans

Each project has unique ICRA (Infection Control Risk Assessment) requirements. The Infection Prevention Officer implements a site-specific Infection Prevention Plan.  

3. Wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Anyone entering the work area is required to have a face-covering meeting the requirements as outlined by the Center for Disease Control.  

4. Appropriate signage postings on worksites

The Infection Protection Officer ensures the appropriate standardized signage (including COVID-19 signage) is posted at all required locations.  

5. Checkpoints at Entrances and Exits

The Infection Protection Officer ensures that all on-site workers and visitors are screened at a checkpoint before entering the project site.  

6. Standards of Hygiene

All workers are required to wash their hands at a specified hand washing station for a minimum of 20 seconds upon arrival, before leaving at the end of the day, at all breaks, after using the toilet, before eating, and after touching any waste materials at a minimum.   

7. Cleaning & Sanitation

High traffic areas and high touch areas are cleaned daily with an EPA-registered cleaning agent.  

 The ways we go above and beyond on our worksites:

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