Single Sisters House Renovation

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Project Owner: Salem Academy & College

Designer: Marianna Thomas Architects

Frank L. Blum Construction Company was chosen to restore and revitalize
this historic building, erected in 1785, and now an icon of the area's Moravian

Repairing deteriorated mortar in the brick walls meant mixing water, lime, and sand to match both the original building and an 1819 addition. Extensive water damage required significant roof repair, including balanced removal of sections to keep fragile timbers from buckling. Some new tiles had to be specially created to blend with originals. Unlike brittle old tiles, new ones
weigh four pounds each, so placement was carefully mapped to evenly distribute weight and color.

Modern electrical heating and cooling infrastructure required elaborate ductwork expertly concealed behind walls and in tight basement and attic spaces.

The Single Sisters House Renovation earned the prestigious 2007 Pinnacle Award from CAGC for Best Building Project in North and South Carolina.

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