Our History

Established in 1923, Frank L. Blum Construction Company has been a trusted building partner to owners in North Carolina and Virginia for generations. With the lowest actively-used general contractor license number in the state of North Carolina—License #18—the firm has a solid reputation for weathering the most challenging economies, partnering with the most exacting owners, and excelling at the most complex projects. Many iconic and beloved buildings bear the Blum Construction imprint of fine craftsmanship on the original structure or its subsequent renovation or restoration.

With humble beginnings, the company assets—as listed by Frank L. Blum himself—included a Ford automobile, two concrete mixers, one team of mules, a wagon and harness. Through the economic challenges of the 1930s, the turbulent war years in the '40s, Mr. Blum's sudden death and rally of employees to save the company in the '50s, the company has endured and succeeded in hard times. With the first planned "changing of the guard" to a new generation of leaders in the '80s and the new century's recession and recovery, Blum Construction has maintained and embraced periods of growth to become one of the most stable and respected businesses in North Carolina.

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