Reynolda House Pool House Fully Restored

June 1, 2015

Frank L. Blum Construction Company recently completed the restoration of the historic Pool House at theReynolda House Museum of American Art. Mary and Charlie Babcock added Reynolda's beautiful pool house in 1937. Johnson & Porter, a New York architectural firm, designed the addition in a style that suggests its own time, but also blends with the 1917 bungalow. The porthole windows refer to luxury ocean liners which were then the height of fashion. The green floor tiles are from the notable Grueby Faience Company of Boston. The pool is roofed with curved glass mounted on a steel and cypress frame that can be opened in the center for ventilation. A submerged lighting system encouraged evening swimming parties, recalled with pleasure by many people in Winston-Salem. During special occasions macaws were placed in the large birdcages at the far end. After more than sixty years, the elegant and unique structure is restored and repaired. Much of the glass covering and support system was repaired or replaced, and the birdcages and tile work underwent extensive restoration. As part of the project, the 36' x 69' glass roof was substantially re-built using similar materials that will provide a historically accurate appearance, but with updated safety features. The bird cages were restored along with the original tile work, and the interior and exterior was painted. The Pool House now again resembles its 1937 appearance and is once again a place to be admired by visitors and used for special celebrations.

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