Project Owner: Ardmore Baptist Church

Designer: Thomas H. Hughes Architecture, P.C.

Months before Blum Construction crews began building in 2002, everyone associated with the construction of the new Sanctuary for Ardmore Baptist Church knew it was a special building. The architectural design incorporated many features, including an eight-sided steeple atop a carillon tower and a single entry doorway into the Sanctuary, which reflected religious history and Biblical symbolism.

A downward-sloping Sanctuary floor required that the mechanical system be fed through underground ductwork. Large footings for the structural steel columns and Chancel ramp walls added more complexity to constructing the foundation. Plumbing, mechanical, and electrical subcontractors worked closely with the foundation subcontractor to devise a "checkerboard" pouring of sections of the octagon-shaped concrete slab that allowed rough-ins to proceed smoothly. Great care was taken to use interior and exterior finishes that aesthetically blended the new construction with existing buildings at various elevations.

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