Woodlands Apartments

Southern Pines, North Carolina

Project Owner: Penick Village

Designer: CJMW Architecture

The Woodlands Apartments building houses 69 independent living apartments. The wood-framed, LEED®-certified building is located in the heart of Penick Village’s busy campus, so careful site logistics planning was crucial to the building being completed on time and with as little disruption to adjacent residents as possible. Construction start times and early morning concrete pours were thoughtfully planned with input from these residents.

The Village House at Penick Village was constructed in the heart of their very active campus to serve as the community center for the residents. The LEED®-certified building houses dining rooms, a café, bar, kitchen, chapel, living room, multipurpose room, library, activity rooms, beauty parlor, gift shop, and offices for the entire campus. The awe-inspiring, two-story lobby is adorned with railings custom-made for the space by North Carolina artist, Dempsy Calhoun.

The exterior of the building is designed to blend in with the remainder of the campus, so as to seem as it has always been there.

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