Why a Career with Blum Construction?


One of the most frequently asked questions in any organization is "how am I doing?" That feedback is critical to an employee's personal and professional growth and development. At Blum, we have developed a system of continual feedback designed to give employees opportunities to interact with their supervisors on an ongoing basis to get feedback regarding how they are doing with their day-to-day activities. Twice each year, formal feedback sessions are held with each employee, his/her supervisor, and company management to provide feedback regarding how he/she is doing with his/her current job description and personal development plan.

Personalized Development Plans and Coaching

At each of the bi-annual feedback sessions, each employee's personal development plan will be reviewed. These plans, developed by the employee with input from management, attempt to provide two roadmaps. The first is how the employee can be the best-in-class at his or her current job. The second is how the employee can "climb the ladder" to the next step in his or her career. Supervisors and company management will serve as coaches in both regards to ensure that each employee has the opportunities and resources necessary to reach his/her full potential.


Blum Construction has a long history of innovation in the construction industry. That innovation has never been stronger than it is right now, as Blum is seen as a regional leader in the use of virtual technologies and building information modeling. Tablet computers and total stations are being utilized on our jobs to put the technology directly into the hands of employees in the field, where they are being used to drive efficiency and quality on each of Blum's unique and challenging projects.

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